Inspirational Life Stories – Care to Share?

Are you sick and tired of your online experience?

Did you come here to read about another person’s life story? Did you come here to share with us your own? You probably came here for another reason. Whatever your reason is (hopefully, it is something good), you’ve come to the right place! Here you will get to read inspirational life stories from around the world. We also hope to read a story of your own.

Are you tired of your daily online experience because of the following?

  • Crime
  • Vanity
  • Vices
  • Mean comments
  • Celebrity gossips
  • Politics
  • Promotions (advertisements everywhere)

You would rather have a positive online experience based on the following:

  • Inspirational life stories
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Encouraging advice
  • Hilarious (not mean) jokes
  • Innovative (cool) inventions
  • Useful (unique) projects
  • Helpful (enlightening) articles
  • Informative (unbiased) news
  • Uplifting comments

Do you wonder if there ever comes a time that your online experience would only involve a positive experience?

When is it going to happen? Where is that going to be?

The time is NOW!

The place is HERE!

That’s the purpose of this website. That’s the reason why we’re here. That’s the goal that we want to achieve. If you are surrounded by pessimists who drain your whole being, “Faith, Hope, and Love” aims to provide you with stories that encourage, uplift, make you laugh, increase your faith, give you hope, and shower you with love.

It’s not about me. It’s all about you.

You can’t deny the fact that we are living in the generation where vanity, narcissism, selfishness, and self-centeredness are considered the norm. Selfies everywhere. Selfies every time. Selfies all the time.

Do you cringe when you see people gather together at a table just to plant their faces on their cell phones instead of sowing seeds to build relationships?

You may be guilty of that, but you don’t need to worry. We’re not here to judge you. We just presented you with facts. You are doing that because it has become the norm. It has become normal, common, or acceptable. You probably don’t know that it’s not considered nice or right because you are surrounded by it. You’re always surrounded by people who are doing it.

A person will never know if he/she is doing something wrong or bad unless someone tells him/her.

Think of it this way: It’s usually difficult to know if you have bad breath. It’s easier to know that another person has bad breath than knowing that you have bad breath.

Question: How do you find out if your breath stinks?


a) Dentist

b) Concerned and caring spouse/parent/son/daughter (any family member) or friend

c) Classmate/co-worker/another person (during a confrontation)

d) All of the above

e) You’ll forever be in denial

Answer: Definitely through another person (whether your answer is a, b, c, or d). We hope you didn’t choose “e.”

(You’re probably trying different ways to smell your own breath now. Here is a simple test: Don’t breathe on your palm, lick the back of your palm and smell it. What do you smell? You don’t want to experience choice c, do you? Don’t hesitate, try it!)

Now let’s connect that bad breath test with your experience of being vain, narcissist, selfish, or self-centered. You won’t know that it’s you if nobody tells you.

What does it have to do with “Faith, Hope, and Love?” We created this “home” not just to share our own stories, but to welcome you to share your own. We don’t want to become vain, narcissist, selfish, or self-centered. We want to share stories not to gather attention or fame. We also invite you to share your own stories not to get attention or fame, but to:

a) share or learn important and helpful information

b) give or get some inspiration and encouragement

c) extend or receive help

d) make someone laugh or become the one who laughs

“Faith, Hope, and Love” hopes that one of these days, people’s love for their own self will transform into a genuine love for others. We have faith that it will happen. We also hope that this transformation happens in our generation.

Why are we here? Why should you be here?

(1)  You can get help.

Is there something that’s bothering you, but no one cares to help?

Are you in despair? Are you depressed? Are you on the verge of giving up? We are here to help. Just let us know how we can help you. It is never too late. You can get help. You just need to ask. We’re always ready to extend our helping hands.


(2) You are heard.

Whatever it is that you’re carrying, we are here for you. There are definitely other people who feel the same way, too. You’re not alone. I’ve learned that the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to help someone ease emotional pain is to listen attentively, passionately, and empathetically. We are here to listen.

(3) You can trust us.

Do you feel that everyone around you takes advantage of you? Do people smile in front of you, then turn around and smirk?

Are you surrounded by backstabbers? Liars?

Pour out your thoughts and emotions. Put your trust in us.

We care for everyone. We care for you. We can be trusted.

In this world and generation where it’s very easy to be deceived, “Faith, Hope, and Love” aims to become your “go-to shelter of trust.”

If you’re eating chaos for breakfast, arguments for lunch, and lack of sleep for dinner, “Faith, Hope, and Love” hopes to become your oasis.

(4) You are important.

Are you being bullied? Are you being taken for granted?

You have your dreams. You set your goals. Does someone constantly tell you that you’re just wasting your time?

You can achieve your goals and dreams if you put time and effort into pursuing them. You can achieve those goals.

Here at “Faith, Hope, and Love,” you are valued. You are worthy. Don’t believe when people say otherwise.

(5) You are needed.

Do you have clean and funny (not demeaning) jokes that you want to share? We desperately need a good laugh.

Are you a natural joker? Are you the kind of person who likes to laugh or make other people laugh?

We are your audience. This is your stage. Get ready to do your own version of “mic drop.”

Let’s show kindness.

Let that be the norm. Let that be too common that it’s not considered news anymore. Let’s go back to the generation when people don’t get shocked when someone does a random act of kindness. Let’s go back to the generation when people don’t post pictures or videos of themselves while helping someone. Let’s go back to the generation when people don’t expect something in return. Let’s go back to the generation when kindess is the norm.

Why are we here? Why should you be here? We will make that happen.

Let’s change our world one story at a time.

If you want to share your story, we thank you for trusting us. If you’re not ready yet, we respect you.

What do we need in our world in this generation? Kindness, acceptance, trust, respect… and a really good laugh.

Please feel happy as you share your comments below. We’re so excited to hear from you!!!

Author: Pastella

11 thoughts on “Inspirational Life Stories – Care to Share?

  1. What a great message. It is sad with all the negativity in our world that there are not more inspiring articles like this.

    The writer has really put her heart and soul into this article. There are so many personal stories out there that we never hear about because it seems that the negative powers take control.

    I for one will be sending in an article on Faith in the very near future to share on these pages. I challenge each one who see this article to share even on positive event that has occurred in your life and share it. You never know how your story may affect someone.

    Let’s flood the pages!

    1. Thank you so much, Barry! When (and not if) we all gather together and act on what needs to be done, there will be a significant change in the world. I believe that within each person, there’s a voice that says, “Let there be peace on earth” or “Let kindness rule the world.” It won’t happen if all of us just listen to the voice and don’t act on it.

      We can’t wait to read your story. Each story is a treasure; each treasure needs to be shared.

      Let’s flood the pages and reach the world! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. May you have a blessed day!

  2. I really loved your post. Is a comforting message for the ones that are frustrated and disappointed with so much bad behavior online. I have a friend that I make 17 years ago online, in a room of Yahoo. She lives in New York and I live in Florida all these years we still friends. My point is kindness, friendship, love those are ingredients perfect for a better life and good friends. Faith, Hope, and Love is the perfect name for your website. Nice to know that is a place online that we can read the message of encouragement and comfort. Your suggestion of “Let’s change our world one story at a time” is excellent; this gives me the courage to tell my story, make people laugh, don’t be afraid to stay here, online. Thank you for such a powerful, refreshing and inspirational Article.

    Cheers to our success.


    1. Hi Telma! Your story about you and your friend is amazing! That’s the kind of story that we would like to read and share with  the world – inspirational and without discrimination.

      Thank you so much for your positive comment. We are so excited to read your own story. You can tell us your story, so we can share it with the world. You can use the comment section to narrate it. With your permission, we will place it in the correct page, so our beloved readers can easily locate it. (Choices: Faith/Hope/Love)

      We hope to hear from you soon. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    As promised, your recommendation is added on the list. Thank you for your insight.

    Are you tired of your daily online experience because of the following?

    Mean comments
    Celebrity gossips

    “shameless self-promotion and simply wanting to profit from you and other people – typically by recruiting you or selling your their system”

    (Added) – Promotions (advertisements everywhere)

  4. Firstly, I love the name of your site – Faith, Hope and Love.  These are virtues we should live by and part to, especially at Christmas.  Secondly, you ask are you sick and tired of your online experience?  You list a lot of great reasons, another one to add is shameless self-promotion and simply wanting to profit from you and other people – typically by recruiting you or selling your their system. You post and your website are a breath of fresh air.  I look forward to reading more of your posts,  Please write more, I’ll be back ! 🙂

    1. You are such a wonderful person, John! Your personality and values reflect on your comment. Thank you for your recommendation regarding the list. This article will be edited and your recommendation will be added.

      It’s an honor to be called a website that’s a “breath of fresh air.” We hope to keep this website free from any kind of pollution. We count on great people like you.

      Thank you for your encouragement. More posts are on the way! Merry Christmas!


  5. This is really an inspirational and a motivational article to read about. I have seen articles which just posts like 10 quotes and say that is an inspirational article. But this is a total different one. I love all the analagies you used to compare things with real life,Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    1. What a great comment! Thank you so much, Sujandar! It’s wonderful that you appreciate how the things mentioned in the article are related to what people do in real life. Others are blinded, and that’s the reason we are here. We hope that you would also share your own stories with us, so that others could also learn from you.

      Thank you again, and may you have a merry Christmas!

  6. What a beautiful message, article and all together website. I have never seen it written quite so perfectly, all of these unnecessary acts of rudeness or just negativity can really drain a person. For the people who feel down or depressed and lonely, sometimes you have to look around and watch who or what are/is causing you bad or uneasy feelings. I have had to do this myself and cut lots of people out of my life, but I also have accepted that maybe not every body put in life was put in to stay. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Thank you so much Alisha for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely appreciate your positive feedback on the message, article, and website. I totally agree with you when you said that not everyone we encounter was meant to stay in our lives. We may not have a choice in who we are going to meet in life, but we have the choice who we are going to keep. We meet people in different ways, settings, and reasons, but it’s totally up to us to decide if they are worthy to be in our lives.

      Faith, Hope, and Love truly appreciates you, Alisha! *Hugs*

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