100 Questions to Ask Yourself – Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith

100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith

Are you in a constant battle of depression? Hopelessness? Anxiety? Stress? Self-pity? You think that there’s no hope anymore. You feel that there’s nobody who can understand you. You already figured out that there’s nobody you can trust. You believe that there are no more questions left unanswered. You are mistaken. There are still more questions left unanswered, and you are the only one who can answer them truthfully. Sometimes the best form of reflection is not through detailed answers, but through honest questions. Here are 100 questions to ask yourself about falling, failure, and finding faith. Read on and reflect.



How many times have you fallen?

Will you keep on falling? Will you keep on struggling?

Will you have the chance to pause? Will you ever know the cause?

Will you just give up? Will you refill your cup?

Does your life seem to move in a slow motion? Does it seem to be losing some direction?

100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith


Is it heavy now? Is it time to take a bow?

Will it ever heal? Will the blood continue to spill?

Will the rainbow appear? Will the storm disappear? Will the lightning continue to reappear?

Will it ever change? Why isn’t this considered strange?

Can you get up again? Do you need to count to ten?

This is never ending. How was it in the beginning?

Would you go back from the start? Would you change a single part?

How will your landing be like? Will it be similar to a child’s fall from a bike?

Will there be a bruise? Will it be like a cruise?

Will you hold on to the branch? Will you let go and wait for the catch?

Which one do you choose? Which excuse do you use?

Do your dreams and hopes start to get blurry? Does your heart start to feel empty?

Are you ready to go? Are you willing to stay? When is the right time to walk away?



How many times have you experienced failure?

Why do you get hurt when you least expect it? Why do you have to experience pain even for a little bit?

Why is it hard to accept the truth? When do you harvest your own fruit?

100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding FaithHow do you measure the strength of your failure?

Gallons or liters? Miles or kilometers? Which one do you prefer?

What do you do when life seems unfair? How can your heart be repaired?

Who do you trust? Is lying really a must?

Stretch it, extend it, reach out, or shout. What is your failure? What is it about?

Is quitting even an option? Does it seem right if that’s your desired reaction?

Where is the missing piece? Why do you always miss?

Is it possible to avoid it? Is it possible to control it?

What is the right answer? Will it make you feel better?

From eyes to cheeks straight to your fingertips. Eyes cannot only see, but also feel.

Do you sense the tremble from your scalp to your heel?

How do you cope? Is there still some hope?



How many times have you lost your faith in something, someone, or Him?

Would you choose your past, your present, or your future? Can you even figure out your suffering’s cure?

When is it time to give up? When is it time to stop?

Do you just wait? Is it also a bait? Do you still have your faith?

Inhale and exhale. Breathe in and breathe out. Why don’t you just shout?

“You can do it,” they say. How can you? Who are they?  100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith

Why can’t you hear your own voice? Do you even have a choice?

What makes it special? Why does it seem to be unusual?

Where do you find faith? Is it priceless or merciless?

How does it look? Why do you need a second look?

Will you do your best to stay afloat? Will you surrender and sink below your boat?

How does it feel? Is it real? Can it heal?

Will you keep your faith? Will you harbor hate?



Which one are you right now? Will you change it somehow?

Why do you rant? Which one do you want?

Does falling pull you backward? Does failure keep you from moving forward?

Is there ever a right answer? Do you even want to know your future?


Why are you F A L L I N G? Here is your calling.

F – ly

A – gain

L – ive and

L – et go

I – n due time

N – ew wings will

G – row


What is your F A I L U R E? Here is the answer.

F – orget

A – ll

I – nsecurities

L – earn to get

U – p and

R – egain your

E – nergy


How is your F A I T H? Read it until the end.

F – aith

A – lways

I – nspires

T – eaches and

H – eals


Finding Faith

Will that be your choice? Do you want to hear its voice?

The answer is obvious. I hope you find your faith.

I hope you find your peace and everlasting happiness.

I hope you find your tears of joy like how a toddler plays with his toy.

I hope your faith grows roots so thick that no one can ever pull or pick.

I hope your faith rains more blessings on you. I hope you receive more gladness, too.

I hope your faith covers you from harm, like a blanket that keeps you warm.

I hope your faith is not just a guest, but a family or a trusted friend.  100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith

I hope your faith brings you real comfort. I hope you receive what you are truly worth.

I hope your faith pours realization that you are valuable, wonderful, and beautiful.

I hope your faith pampers you a well-deserved rest. I hope it only covers you with the best.

I hope your faith collects treasures for you. I hope they are the goals that do come true.

I hope your faith makes you find the pot of gold. I hope it shows the rainbow and doesn’t make you feel cold.

I hope your faith refreshes your mind. I hope that whatever you seek, you quickly find.

I hope your faith erases the doubts. I hope it helps you win all your bouts.

I hope your faith enlightens your spirit. I hope you get something good out of it.

I hope your faith strengthens your body. I hope you regain your lost energy.

I hope your faith answers your hope. I hope it motivates you to cope.

I hope your faith changes your mind, from something wrong to something kind.

I hope your faith inspires you to be confident. I hope it encourages you to say what you meant.

I hope your faith sows strength in your soul. I hope it makes you complete as a whole.

I hope your faith helps you find the missing piece. I hope it directs you to an everlasting peace.

I hope your faith stitches your cuts, numbs the pain, and purifies the stain.

I hope your faith wipes all your tears. I hope it removes all your fears.

I hope your faith opens more windows, bigger floors, and taller doors that never close.   100 Questions to Ask Yourself - Falling, Failure, and Finding Faith

I hope your faith makes you see a better view. I hope you see that your sky is not black, but blue.

I hope your faith speaks volume of your life. I hope it reaches the greatest testimony of your daylight and not your night.

I hope your faith grants you the best opportunities. I hope it provides you with success and a lot of freebies.

I hope your faith finds all the clues. I hope it inspires you to shake off the blues.

I hope your faith helps you discover the cure. I hope it helps you find what’s pure.

I hope your faith teaches you to count, from your minute blessings to giant mounts.

I hope your faith stays faithful to you. I hope it stays by your side and never leaves you.

I hope your faith guides you to the light. I hope it turns your night from dim to bright.

I hope you find true answers from Him who truly cares. I hope you ask your own questions from Him whose answer never fails.


Falling, failure, or faith? Which one will you choose?


If you ever start to feel that life is so unfair, read this post again and begin to reflect. Don’t forget to ask and connect. Remember that  Faith, Hope, and Love  is just here for you. You can share your stories or ask some questions, too. Don’t be afraid, shy, or ashamed. As always, you are important; you are heard. You’ll never know what help you can receive if you don’t start to act on what you desire to achieve.

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